OrschellX.com Is Open for Business!

It’s been awhile but we are now open for business! Orschell Excavating is our company located in West Harrison Indiana right on the border of Ohio just outside Cincinnati. For years we’ve been getting complements and inquiries from our customers, friend and others about our art work. So we decided to put them on hats, shirts, stickers and who knows what else and make them available to purchase right here online.

The Dirthammers!

There is something very cool about digging in the dirt! The power of the equipment you use, the grind and transformation of land and property and, hard work are compelling. When it looks cool and feels right people just want to be connected.

Orschell loves digging dirt

Buy Orschell Excavating Apparel and Accessories 

We’re just getting started, and plan to expand in the amount of items and designs. For now, we have several cool items you can buy now. They make great unique gifts and won’t break the bank. So, have a little fun and start digging dirt wearing Orschellx.com apparel!

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions.


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